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Tandem Training and Tracking is managed by the husband and wife team of Bob Zumstein and Lisa Olszak Zumstein. Bob and Lisa are avid outdoorsmen with a shared passion for Pennsylvania's Timber Rattlesnakes.

Bob ZumsteinLisa Olszak Zumstein

Bob Zumstein

A photographer, hunter, hiker and conservationist, Bob has spent countless hours observing and tracking a variety of wildlife. His passion for Timber Rattlesnakes began as a child; his grandfather was a rattlesnake advocate, taking snakes to the county fair for demonstration and education. By the time Bob was twelve, he joined his grandfather in the search for rattlesnakes. As a young adult, Bob lived in Texas and discovered even more wildlife diversity, particularly with rattlesnakes. Although Bob's mother warned him that he would never find a wife "under a rock", Bob and Lisa met while searching for Timber Rattlesnakes.

As a volunteer, Bob is a Northwest Region Field Team Leader for the Pennsylvania Timber Rattlesnake Site Assessment and Inventory Project. Contributing hundreds of hours over the past seven years on this Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission project, Bob oversees and undertakes snake pit tagging, site assessments and radio telemetry tracking. Bob has also presented numerous Timber Rattlesnake education programs to community and environmental groups, colleges and universities and churches.

With over twenty years as a manager in a variety of manufacturing settings, Bob's attention to detail and strong experience in workplace safety has served him well in his pursuit of Timber Rattlesnakes and the development of safety training programs. Bob has an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

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