We provide

  • Safety, Educational and Conservation programs on the Timber Rattlesnake and other venomous species
  • Wildlife tracking services under the supervision of a qualified surveyor
Safety, Education and Conservation ProgramsTracking Services

Safety, Education and Conservation Programs

One of the biggest issues facing employers today is the safety of their employees. Within the Marcellus Shale and utility industries, employees face special risks because of the equipment they use or the environment within which they work. Tandem Training and Tracking specializes in helping employees understand safe work habits in environments where venomous snakes may be encountered. While our presentations are customized to each company's needs, audience and time constraints, in general our programs include

  • Venomous species' identification,
  • Risks, costs and laws,
  • Safety precautions including the managers role in safety, where snakes are found, protective gear and safe behavior,
  • Bites and what to do if bitten, and
  • Preservation.

In addition to our safety presentations, we provide educational and conservation programs to educational, community and environmental groups.

"People tend to think that Timber Rattlesnakes are aggressive or will attack them. Unless provoked, these snakes prefer to flee from humans or lie motionless in hopes that they are unnoticed. The vast majority of bites occur when people attempt to poke, grab, step on or kill a snake."

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